International Law Towards the principles of Thai justice

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This may be because this year there was a great flood. But even if the water level is already reduced As well as a decline in activities commemorating the agenda of legal rule, not individual rule, yet, the intensity of criminal imprisonment has not yet been established. Which affects political feelings, it is not reduced either They have been pursued since the case of “Agong SMS”, “Marginal Philosophers – from Prachatai” and “Joe Gordon”.

While last year Freedom campaign Has a fight in the issue of movie bands Which limits freedom However, it has not yet reached the level of “physical” restriction. Unlike this year, several news images have appeared inmates behind the kong and inmates being detained. In this season of Constitution Day Therefore, there are cases of intense action against freedom

“Prachachat Business” interviewed “Sao Tri Suksri”, a lecturer at the Faculty of Law Thammasat University Female lawyer of “Nitirat Group” from the case of “Insects in the Backyard” to “Agong sms”

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